Boxers and binders

The other day I went shopping for clothes. Did I really need them? Probably not, as I still had 4 pairs of trousers, 5 shirts, a cardigan and my classic suit.

However, underneath those clothes I was still wearing my women’s undies. Not so cool. Besides, they were not exactly new anymore, though thankfully there were no holes in them. Yet.

Also, with the nights getting colder, I needed a pair of PJ’s. Preferably two, actually. Or at least PJ bottoms. I hate sleeping in the pink PJ’s I bought almost ten years ago.

Now, I’m not too fond of shopping for clothes. Obviously, it’s something that needs to be done from time to time, but it makes my bank account weep. But I couldn’t put off buying new underwear forever.

I ended up buying boxer briefs. Three pairs in total. I can buy more if I decide I like them. And if I end up hating them, I can go look for other undies. A tank top (black, organic cotton, like the boxer briefs) seemed like a good buy too.

One pair of PJ bottoms found its way into my shopping bag, and also a shirt, a bowtie, a blazer and a nice warm cardigan.

Then there was still something else I needed. Something that made me uncomfortable shopping for. It took me to the women’s department. More specifically, to the lingerie department.

No, I didn’t need a sexy bra with lace and ribbons. Those things are wasted on me. I hated them even when I was still trying to be the woman I was expected to be. But I did need another binder.

Of course I knew I’d never find a real binder at the lingerie department, but some sports bras do exactly the same job, providing they have the right cut and are tight enough. And they are way cheaper than a real binder. I found exactly the sports bra I needed and it only cost me €15.00. That’s nothing compared to the €50 (or so) I paid for my real binder. The amount of money saved sure makes up for a few minutes of discomfort. It does to me, anyway.

Next shopping trip? Probably soon. More boxers are needed and one more pair of PJ bottoms. Oh, and maybe a bathrobe. Though I might put if off for another month or two.

Did I tell you my bank account suffers intolerably every time I go shopping for clothes?



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