I thought I’d never see the day, but here I am: Out.

Out for all the world to see. Out on Facebook. On Sunday afternoon the last hurdle was taken, so on Sunday evening I changed my name on FB and wrote a message on my timeline explaining that I’m transgender.

It was truly wonderful. I got so many positive reactions to that announcement, and not one negative remark. Not a single one.

It was magic!

There were congratulations all around. People said they had the uttermost respect for me and my decision to follow my heart and go for gender adjustment. They said I was very brave, and they hoped all my dreams would come true.

There were questions. Real questions, not out of misplaced curiosity, but out of genuine interest in me and what I’m going through. People trying to put themselves in my shoes, trying to understand what it must be like.

I seldom felt so loved, so accepted. So alive.

There were funny, lighthearted remarks too. One of my friends said she always thought I was a bit loony as a woman, but now with my coming out all made sense.

Oh, and hardly anyone seemed very surprised – if they even were surprised at all. Many of my friends had seen this coming. My cousin’s daughter said it like this, “Surely everyone could have seen this coming. I mean really, I’ve only seen you once in my adult years, but even I saw it, and I think it’s strange that this still comes as a shock to some.”

My cousin himself said, “I spoke to your mum the other day. She said you weren’t doing well. Actually, after reading your update about the changes going on in your life, I’d say you’re doing perfectly fine. But tell, tell. How, what, why, when? And how will you proceed from here?”

We chatted for a long while, that wonderful crazy cousin of mine and me. About the Big Change, and about lots of other things. How people would never believe that he’s really from Mars and me from Pluto, that kind of thing. Told you we’re kind of crazy.

Life is good.

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15 Responses to Out!

  1. dexxwizard says:

    I love this, it gives strength to us all. Thank you for sharing Liam. I love Queen too by the way, Freddie is a hero of mine!

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  2. Lesboi says:

    Wow! How awesome are you????!!!! I’m really pumped that it went so well for you. I’ve been thinking of coming out this way myself but haven’t gotten up the courage to do it yet. Would you mind sharing what you wrote on your timeline? Thank you for being such an inspiration to all of us and being true to Liam.

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    • Thanks Lesboi. Sure I’ll share what I wrote on my timeline. Just give me a minute. I’ll need to log in to my other computer and copy and paste it.


      • Liam says:

        The message on my timeline:

        So, as a lot of you already knew or guessed, I am a transgender male. Male, born in a female body. And after decades of denial and fighting who I really am, I’ve come out of the cupboard. Took me a fair bit longer than Harry Potter. I tried to change my brain, which didn’t work out, so now I’m going to change my body, which has a far higher chance of being successful. I’m finally allowing myself to become who I’ve always been. My name is Liam.

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      • Lesboi says:

        That’s a nice compact way to put it out there. Very nicely done and thank you for sharing it with me (us).

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  3. krisalex333 says:

    Great news, Liam, so happy for you! You are, as Lesboi, says, an inspiration all of us.

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  4. Naomhan says:

    Awww wow, congrats! I’m so glad it went so well for you!! 🙂

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  5. JAX says:

    I’m very happy for you! My partner and I have been discussing his approach to coming out on social media to his not so immediate family and friends that he has yet to talk to. He was contemplating making an entire new Facebook but that seems like a great deal of work to me. It seems as though your approach went great! I’m hoping if I pass on this information, it will help him feel a bit more confident in whichever way he decides to come out on his platform. Thank you for sharing!

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