Building muscle

Happy 2016 to all my readers! May you be happy and healthy, and may all your dreams come true.

Looking back on 2015 there were both good and bad times. There was a lot of misgendering and the problems with my first gender therapist, who I eventually sacked. There was the support of loving friends and family who consistently and lovingly called me by my chosen name and used the right pronouns. There was my new gender therapist who never doubted me for even one moment – or if she did, she never showed it – and has been supportive since our first appointment.

There was my new home. An apartment that I fell in love with the moment I walked in, but which was quite frankly one big dirty mess.

And there were surprises as well.

LookingGoodNot a pretty sight walking into that when you enter your home after having spent the night with friends.

But there’s an upside to tackling big dirty messes to make yourself a home. You build muscle!

For the first time in years I can now show off actual biceps. Not big ones, but they’re there, clearly visible, which is more than I could say before the move. So yay for all the hard work I’ve already done on my new home, and to many more hours of equally hard work.

I’m also looking forward to finally getting on T. My gender therapist said I need to wait till March, to give both my mind and body time to adapt to my new life as a single parent living in my new apartment, but if all goes well I’ll get my referral to an endocrinologist in March.

New life, here I come!


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6 Responses to Building muscle

  1. Dexxy says:

    Positive start to the new year. Glad you are back. Xx

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  2. Jamie Ray says:

    March will be here before you know it. In the northeast US we say about March “In like a lion and out like a lamb” but in your case it may be the reverse! I just took Juliet Jacques memoir “Trans” out of the library – it is a good read, and a good description of the notorious waits for service with the NHS.

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  3. Kris says:

    Happy new year and thank you for being one of my top commentors, according to WordPress’ stats monkeys. What an exciting year awaits you with T on the horizon!

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