Well, it took forever and then some more, but I have my T-letter. And an appointment with an endocrinologist, but… not until the end of June. Waiting lists and stuff. Bother!

I’m a little peeved, but what can I do, eh? Buy my T online?

Sure, I could, and would if I really had no other option left, but I very much prefer to take the official road. It’s much safer for me that way. With all of my medical issues I need medical supervision, or I might get buggered up big time. I’m not too willing to risk that. Not if I don’t absolutely have to.

And so I wait. Impatiently, sure, but I wait. Two more months won’t hurt me (too much).

Meanwhile, I’ve had my implanon implant removed so my hormonal levels can return to normal. That was yesterday. At first the gynaecologist couldn’t find the implant, but that was because he looked for it where it’s usually inserted. And where mine was inserted too, two years ago, but it had traveled down to just above my elbow, and as I knew where it was, I pointed it out to him.

The removal was quick, and thanks to the local anesthesia I only felt him doing his thing, but no pain. I got a pressure bandage, which I’m still wearing, but will take off later today. I wonder how much of a bruise I’ve got this time. Got a pretty good one when it was inserted, so I might have a bigger bruise now. No pain though, so that’s good.

I also mentioned to him that I’d have preferred removal of my uterus and ovaries over having had the implant, but his colleague didn’t want to do that unless there were pressing medical reasons to do so. The implant took care of my menorrhagia. I can only hope age has by now taken care of it too, or I’ll be back to bleeding half to death three weeks a month until I get on T and the T actually kicks in and stops my periods – which I know doesn’t always happen.

I also know I’ll be back at the gyn at lightning speed if all this trouble starts again. And since they won’t be able to put me back on female hormones now, they’ll have their medical reason to remove my tackle. There!


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6 Responses to Waiting

  1. You can do it! Not long now bro

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  2. Kris says:

    Glad you have progressed so far already, Liam. Two month are nothing compared to the rest of your life living as you were meant to be. Take care.

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  3. johnmitchk says:

    Just a little more and the waiting will be over. We’re here cheering for you!

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  4. Jamie Ray says:

    Great that you made it past the national health gatekeepers. I hope that the T agrees with you and that you start to see the changes you’ve been waiting for.

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  5. Will they give you a mini pill in the mean time?


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